What is distance education

What is distance education

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When the theoretical and practical part of the work is ready, you can start writing.

It can be noted that the sections “Conclusions”and”Introduction” are logically interrelated, and are a logical continuation of each other.

“Conclusions” usually makes from 1-2.5 pages and is formed on the basis of conclusions on sections and as a whole on work. In the “Conclusions” it is necessary to draw down the tasks that were set before the work in the “Introduction”, whether the goals were achieved, what results were obtained, whether they coincide with our assumptions, what recommendations are possible based on the work done

“Introduction” is one of the structural parts of the work, in which they state it sessence. It is located at the beginning of the work immediately after the “Content”. Depending on the discip line and the level  of work performed, it can include a hypothesis, a description  of the subject and object of research, goal sand objectives, bibliography and methodology.

When checking the term paper, teachers attach special importance to these parts, and therefore they require special attention and remaking.

Literature list

Ifduringtheworkyoumarkedwherethematerialwastakenfrom, thenit’squiteeasytomake a list.

It often happens that the number of actually used sources is not enough for the necessary, in this case, the list   can include sources on the basis of which the scientific works that you used in your works were executed, and we pay attention to the fact that the subject matter of such sources corresponds to your topic or was asclose to her aspossible.

When the required volume of sources is collected, we draw  up the maccording to the guide lines; they can berank edalphabetic allyby name, author’s surname or other principles.

After ranking the list of literature, it is numbered and links to the work.

You should not also mindlessly copy the list of literature from the Internet, as the “Anti-Plagiarism” program can determine this, and then it will be difficult to explain why your bibliography matches exactly what is posted on the Internet.

After preparing the course work, you should postpone it for a while and then again check, as they say, on a fresh head, as a general correspondence to the given topic, the consistency and completeness of the presentation, and the presence of grammatical and spelling errors.