Short term papers

Short term papers

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For your essay more interesting, alive (comparisons, analogies, epithets, etc.). Distribute the matched arguments and / or counterarguments in sequence. This will be your conditional plan. Come up with an introduction to the argument (it is possible to write in it, why you chose this statement, immediately determine your position, ask your question to the author of the quote, etc.). State your point of view in the sequence that you have outlined. Formulate a general conclusion of the work and, if necessary, edit it. If you want to say something new, new, non-standard, then the genre of essay is your genre. Try, create, perhaps, it is in you that the gift of the great publicist is hidden.

Determine the main idea of ​​the statement (what is it about?), For this, use the method of paraphrase (say the same thing, but in your own words). Sketch the arguments for and / or against this statement. If you type arguments both “for” and “against” the aphorism taken as the topic, your essay may be polemical. For each argument, select examples, facts, situations from life, personal experience, etc. Review selected illustrations again. Think about what literary tricks you’ll use to make a language.

If you want to defend yourself seriously, then a month and a half before the defense your work should be on the scale between “Everything has already been read and thought over, it only remains to write a clean copy” and “I fully imagine everything that needs to be read and I do not intend to expand this list.

Guru of academic planning teaches that there are two styles of work on the text: “fast and slovenly” and “neat”. I am a categorical supporter of “fast and slovenly”. First, write at least something – literally all the thoughts that you have about the next item of your plan. If you immediately write clean, you will have to constantly shift the pieces of the future diploma and you will not have time to finish everything by the deadline – only not at the level of style and proofreading, but in terms of structure and volume.

Maybe writer paper afraid clean paper?

Write any first paragraph: if it seems unsuitable, edit it or throw it away. But when the first paragraph is written, the second one will be much easier.

You never write from scratch, you always recycle the spare part of one level into the spare part of the next one, always leaning on something. It can be a source read and concluded by you, a studied literature, a plan short term paper.